How to auto-forward specific emails in gmail

How to auto-forward specific emails in gmail?

How to auto-forward specific emails in gmailHi All, I’ve got another quick tutorial for you. This time we’re looking at how to forward specific emails in Gmail to another email account.

For example, you may find yourself in the situation where you need to forward certain emails that are going to your personal Gmail account to your work or maybe your Outlook email, Hotmail, Yahoo accounts etc.

Note, this tutorial doesn’t run through how to forward all your Gmail (catch all), just certain emails. That said, it’s all in the same place and just a matter to selecting “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” if this is what you want to do.

XP System Fix

How to fix a Missing/Corrupt SYSTEM file in Windows XP without the Recovery CD

XP System Fix

This tutorial aims to teach you how to fix a corrupt or missing SYSTEM file in windows XP without the use of the recovery CD.

I spent 6 hours round a friend’s house yesterday and finally came up with a solution that worked. Today, I want to share what I’ve learnt to help other folks get round this fairly common issue without the grief I had to go through!

Disclaimer – I am not a computer repair technician. Just a computer geek sharing a solution that worked for me. Continue at your own risk, I take no responsibility whatsoever what happens. Always back up, and if you’re not sure, don’t proceed.

Export Powerpoint Theme Colours & Changing Default Color Palette

I’ll admit, I’ve created a fair amount of presentations in my time and although i love working with PowerPoint, I’m not what I would call a PowerPoint guru. Not when it comes to the more advanced settings of Microsoft PowerPoint, anyway.

That said, this week i was set the task of trying to help someone with exporting PowerPoint theme colours and I thought I would share my learnings as it turns out, sometimes its not the easiest thing to get your head round.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Google Contacts

How to transfer contacts from your iPhone to Google ContactsTime for another quick how to. This time we’re looking at how to migrate your contacts from your iPhone to Google contacts. This wil be useful for anyone that is moving from iOS over to android or just simply wants to make sure that their iPhone contacts are synced with whats in Gmail or Google contacts is.

I should point out that although the title of this post is “How to Transfer contacts from iPhone to Google Contacts”, this will actually work for any itunes account that has iCloud set up as we’ll actually be exporting your contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts.

Free Whois Lookup Tool by Bandertron

NEW Whois Lookup Tool

Free Whois Lookup Tool by Bandertron
A Free Whois Lookup Tool by Bandertron

Its been a while since I’ve been able to have time to code but this week I’ve managed to get into the thick of it. A bi-product of this work has been the new Whois Lookup Tool.

I’ve been meaning to create one of these for AGES and all previous attempts have either failed or been abandon half way through…

This time, I’m hoping that bar the odd tweak here and there, i might of nailed it ūüôā

Social Velocity - Discover the social reach of your content

Social Velocity | Social Media Tool to Determine Content/URL Reach

Social Velocity  - Discover the social reach of your content
Social Velocity – Discover the social reach of your content

Last week i found myself in the situation when i had a URL which i wanted to know how many tweets, likes and Google+s it had. The problem was, the page didn’t have a social share widget that displayed the social stats for that content.

This got me thinking… and that thought became ‘Social Velocity

Social Velocity is a free Social Media Tool that tells you how many tweets, Facebook likes, Google+s a particular piece of content has accumulated over its life time.

Enabling cURL in PHP

Enabling CURL in PHP (PHP.ini, WAMP, XAMPP, Ubuntu)

Enabling cURL in PHP
Enabling php_curl in PHP

In this quick tip tutorial we’re looking at how to enable CURL in PHP. I’ve included a number of different options as it may be different depending on what your running.

For those that want a bit of background on what CURL is and can be used for continue reading. If you just want the answer click here!

What is CURL?

CURL is a library created by Daniel Stenberg that allows you to connect and communicate via a variety of different protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet etc

How to Export / Backup CuteFTP Site Manager

How to backup CuteFTP
How to backup CuteFTP

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In the past I’ve had issues using CuteFTP’s Import / Export feature to migrate my FTP site list, in particular, loosing password information. This tutorial teaches you how to export or backup your CuteFTP Site Manager and keep your passwords and connection data intact.

Notice: Before we go any further…

This is the process i use when i need to quickly transfer my FTP connection data over to a new machine or if for some reason i need to reinstall CuteFTP (CuteFTP 7 & 8).¬† Whether it is the ‘right way’ I’m not sure, but it works for me. I take NO responsiblity for any mishaps you may have following this process. Just be careful and if your not sure, leave it.

CSS Browser Hacks

CSS Browser Hacks
CSS Browser Hacksl

Here we’re going to have a look at a few CSS browser hacks which you can use in those horrible situations where the page looks perfect in all browsers apart for one (IE6 cough!).


@import is used to link an external stylesheet from within a stylesheet/CSS. Earlier version 4 browsers (e.g. Netscape Navigator 4) do not understand this rule and therefore ignore it.

301 redirects using htaccess

301 redirect htaccess tutorial
301 redirect htaccess tutorial

In this tutorial we look implementing 301 redirects using htaccess and cover the following:

Before we go any further lets cover a few important points to bare in mind before starting:

  • htacccess is a configuration file for Linux Apache servers and not traditonally available on an IIS/Windows server (using Windows/IIS?)
  • The Apache Mod-Rewrite moduled must be enabled – uncomment LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ in your httpd.conf