Tom Jepson - Freelance SEO and technical SEO expert.

My name is Tom. I live with my wife and two girls in Colchester, Essex. I have over 19 years experience in SEO and digital marketing. I have worked in leading SEO agencies and have owned and run a very successful one.

SEO has and always will be a passion to me. I get my kicks in helping demystify digital and from building the relationships and results I get through my work.

How I got into SEO

I graduated with first class honours in one of the UK’s first Internet Computing degrees. At university I built a search engine and was fascinated in the area of information retrieval and web development. I was awarded the QinetiQ computing prize for the quality of the work I produced in my second year. In my third year I expanded my knowledge into Information Retrieval by building a meta search engine – little did I know my career would later focus on supporting businesses by optimising their websites for search engines…

Following my graduation, I pursued a career in web development and design and found myself drawn to a role that nobody I would speak to for the next 4 years would know of; SEO.

Building an SEO agency

I progressed within the company and became the SEO team lead and eventually Head of SEO. Over 10 years, I supported the growth if the businesses, growing from a team of 5 to a team of 64. I worked on some of the largest corporate clients, developed SEO services, processes and educated the team to help reach their potential. I spent my spare time developing SEO and marketing tools to automate processes and provide greater data and insights. I was also had instrumental role in the development of an enterprise level SEO tool, back when the industry only had a small number of products on the market.

In the 2010s I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Google Analytics Certified Partners programme, which allowed me to attend exclusive events at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. Here I was able to meet with the individuals that built and maintained Google Analytics, share insight and provide input on the platform’s development as well as get exclusive access and insight into Google Analytics latest features and technologies.

Creating an SEO Agency of my own

Having served my position for over 10 years, I then made the leap into running my own SEO Agency. This is a particularly proud moment in my career as we built and trained a team of some of the best marketeers and SEOs in the industry. We created a 22 day digital marketing course that accelerated budding marketers into well rounded digital specialists.

I was also fortunate enough to build relationships with 100s of clients and agencies and support and mentor them on their digital journey’s.

Becoming an SEO Freelancer

Having achieved what i wanted to with the SEO agency and unforeseen family health issues, i made the move to go back to what i love best; rolling up my sleeves and working directly with clients. Today, I work with businesses and help them overcome their SEO and digital challenges and reach their true online potential.