Tom Jepson
Tom Jepson is an SEO, Web Developer, Amateur Graphic Designer, Photographer and Musician living in Colchester, Essex.

Tom moved to Colchester in May 2000 where he spent the next 5 years studying Computer Science at the Colchester Institute and University of Essex.

Tom Graduated in 2005 with 1st class honors becoming a Bachelor of Science. 5 years of working part-time at everyones favourite past time ‘Woolies’ also came to an end that year when Tom landed himself a real job with an online marketing agency called HP Group.

Tom currently heads the SEO team at HP Group and is also working as an adviser for the Colchester Careers Academy providing curriculum guidance and helping young people find the right path for their future careers in ICT.

At home, Tom is joined by his Girlfriend “B” and their 4 hairy children (cats): Milo, Pixel, Bobbin and Wookie Puff.

Tom has a passion for hitting guitars, photography and coding SEO Tools when he gets the time.

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  1. hello tom… i’ve been searching for work around to my website cause it looks differently in ie in every version…. your site helps me regain sanity thank you… :p

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