SEO Services

Freelance SEO services designed to help your business grow.

I’ve always believed in being a specialist. There is simply too much to learn and keep on top of to truly call yourself an expert in SEO, PPC, Email, Social media etc. I focus on what I am passionate about and what I am best at, SEO.

In my 19 years SEO experience, there hasn’t been an area of SEO that I haven’t been involved in or covered to an expert level. This is what I would like to share and provide as a service to you.


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Key SEO services my clients love using me for:

SEO consulting & business strategy

I believe that we are all too close to our own efforts and that at times we really do need someone from the outside to look into our world and help us step back and see the wood from the trees.

Whether it be developing strategies from scratch or consulting on existing strategies and supporting with the day to day, I am here to help and to pull on my 19 years experience in search, widerer digital marketing and business.

Learning about the challenges that businesses face and helping them find the solutions right for them, is without doubt, the thing I enjoy most in my work.

Work with me and I will help fix the problems you face, but also address the ones you may not even be aware of.

Technical SEO Audits

Your website is the epicentre of your digital presence and arguably, your business. Therefore, investing the time and effort to help it become the best it can be is paramount.

My technical SEO audits are about establishing a solid SEO foundation for your website and identifying key areas that will not only improve its performance in search engines, but also benefit your customers and the experience that they have with your business online. A true SEO technical audit should also provide the opportunity to shine light on where UX and customer experience can be improved as well as tell you what SEO fixes you need to get in place.

Today, my web development skills are focused on SEO research and building SEO tools, but having this skill set provides incredible value to my abilities as a technical SEO. If you need someone to audit what needs to be done to improve your website’s SEO performance, then look no further.

Site build support

Building a new website is the perfect time to focus on SEO, optimise your website and lay solid foundations for search success. Do not make the mistakes of many by thinking “let’s build the site first and then think about marketing/SEO”. To save time, money and heart-ache, bake SEO into the core of your new web build.

90% of businesses fall into this trap and then find themselves (and their developers and content team) having to go back and painstakingly change things, just once they thought they’ve got the whole thing signed-off and over the line.

My role, as a technical SEO, is to work with your business and development team and ensure that the website, and it’s content are search engine friendly from the start.

Site Migration support

I cannot emphasise this enough, SEO input is absolutely critical when migrating to a new website. (Phew, that was like therapy…)

No matter how bad you think your old website is, it has roots and those roots have great value. Failing to protect this during a site build is a huge mistake, often not realised until it is too late and led to serious detriment to your existing organic traffic and historic SEO efforts (yes, even if you haven’t done any SEO in the past!).

Your development team are technically skilled, but this does not mean they are SEO specialists. I’m here to provide you with the support and experience you need to help your organic traffic grow, not fall.

Keyword Research

Understanding the search landscape, what your customers are searching for and how you currently cater and perform for these terms is what is at the heart of every SEO strategy.

Through keyword research we can identify the relevant and meaningful search queries that your brand needs to gain visibility for. But we can also build our understanding of the questions, intent and needs of our customers too. Let’s do the research and find out what your customers are searching for.

Content audits and content strategy development

Informed by keyword research and other customer needs analysis, a content strategy helps you find and fill the gaps in your SEO and content strategy. In most instances, it should also define and prioritise your wider blog and content efforts to become a true expert and authority in your field. For search engines such as Google, it isn’t enough to just have pages for the products and services that you sell, you have to demonstrate your authority, knowledge and expertise in these areas. It is also a fantastic way to establish brand awareness and build trust with customers searching for your offering.

Local SEO Services

If you are local business providing services within geographical areas then Local SEO is absolutely key for online success. Even if you don’t have a website! (Yes, you read that right).

Did you know?… 93% of customers use online searches to find a business. 46% of searches have a local intent. 76% of customers end up visiting the business they have search for within 1 day. 28% of local searches result in a purchase. Up to 3 in 5 businesses have not claimed their Google Business listing.

International SEO Services

Be found, globally. If your customers are global, then your brand’s search visibility needs to be too.

It’s not enough to take a successful search marketing strategy from one region and expect it to work in another. Even if it’s in the same language, there are always significant differences in needs, interest, culture and opportunities.

It’s not translation, it’s localisation.

Google Analytics tracking & reporting

In the past I performed an analysis on over 200 business Google Analytics accounts. The results were truly staggering.

In this research I discovered that 83% of businesses failed to track the most important data of all – conversion and customer interaction on their website. A tool like Google Analytics is incredibly powerful, but the truth is, it can’t tell you the most important and meaningful things relating to the business’ specific goals and outcomes. The success of every digital marketing campaign is rooted on one thing, data. If you don’t have it, or you are unable to trust the data you have, you are a rudderless business making decisions based on instinct and even worse, bias. We are all too close to what we do and cannot help but have our biases; that is why we need data to lead the way.

Training & Workshops

As everyone that I have worked with will tell you, unlike many, I love to share my knowledge. Whether you want to develop your existing SEO knowledge, get confidence that you are on the right track, or want to learn the very basics of SEO, you’re in the right place.

Through-out my career I have trained countless businesses, SEO/digital marketing professionals, agencies, web development teams, university students, universities and government bodies. I developed, evolved and run a 22-day digital marketing course over 8 years, wrote a book on digital marketing and created an online course.

As I always say, the best and most successful SEO campaigns I have worked on are with individuals that are engaged and eager to learn. So, if you are reading this and thinking this sounds like you, then I’d love to chat with you!

Not sure what you need or where to start?

If you’ve read the above haven’t got a clue where to start, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Around half of the clients that I’ve worked with over the years didn’t know either. That’s why I am here.

Simply put, I want to help you demystify digital and make sense of what is right for your business.