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Bandertron (Bandatron)

What is a Bandertron (Bandatron)?

A bandertron (also spelt bandatron) is a term used to describe someone or something that lacks skill or intelligence. If the subject is human it is highly likely this person suffers with severe galloping knob rot.

CSS: Learning The Basics

CSS: Learning The Basics
CSS: Learning The Basics

This tutroial is a guide to CSS basics. What are Stylesheets? What are they used for? How do i use them?

What is CSS?

CSS stands for ‘Cascading Style Sheets’. The stylesheet language is used to define the presentation of an HTML document and its associated markup.


Why should I use an External Stylesheet?

why use external stylesheets?
why use external stylesheets?

In this tutorial I want to look at some of the reasons why you should use External Stylesheets and not inline or style tag based definitions.

The tutorial is intended for those learning the basics of CSS and looking for ideas on good practices.