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Funny Squirrels

Squirrels / Squirrel Adverts

A collection of funny squirrel clips and everything that is squirrel:

Air Vigorsol squirrel advert:


The classic Carling Black label advert (1989:)

The more recent Carlsberg football squirrel advert:

Bud light squirrel commercial: (what is it with Squirrels and alcohol adverts?

Drunk / Pissed Squirrel

Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog

Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog

Triumph ‘The Comedy Insult Dog’ attends the premier night of Star Wars – Attack Of The Clones, interviewing the die hard fans.

This was the first Triumph clip i saw and it has to be my favourite. ROTFLMAO at the Dragon Master, Darth Vader rip and the female genitalier joke. Triumph we salute you.



Triumph at the Westminster Dog Show. I’ve got a feeling this was one of the first things Triumph’s did, how they didn’t get arrested or something i have no idea!