NEW Whois Lookup Tool

Free Whois Lookup Tool by Bandertron
A Free Whois Lookup Tool by Bandertron

Its been a while since I’ve been able to have time to code but this week I’ve managed to get into the thick of it. A bi-product of this work has been the new Whois Lookup Tool.

I’ve been meaning to create one of these for AGES and all previous attempts have either failed or been abandon half way through…

This time, I’m hoping that bar the odd tweak here and there, i might of nailed it 🙂

So, What Does it do?

Its pretty straight forward to be honest, you give the tool an IP address or a domain name and it goes and looks up who the registered owner is and returns this and other registrant information such as address, date of registration, expiry, DNS servers etc.

Give it a try and you’ll see what i mean. Let me know what you think and if you manage to break it or have any thoughts for inprovement – would love to hear from you!

FYI – as I hinted towards earlier, the Who is Lookup tool is part of another project that I’m currently working on so keep posted…

BTW – if you missed the last tool i created (Social Velocity – discover the reach and engagement of your content) check it out and let me know what you think of that as well!

Social Velocity | Social Media Tool to Determine Content/URL Reach

Social Velocity  - Discover the social reach of your content
Social Velocity – Discover the social reach of your content

Last week i found myself in the situation when i had a URL which i wanted to know how many tweets, likes and Google+s it had. The problem was, the page didn’t have a social share widget that displayed the social stats for that content.

This got me thinking… and that thought became ‘Social Velocity

Social Velocity is a free Social Media Tool that tells you how many tweets, Facebook likes, Google+s a particular piece of content has accumulated over its life time.

The full list of Social metrics the Tool provides is as follows:

  • Facebook Shares
  • Diggs
  • Delicious
  • Tweeter / Tweets
  • Pinterest Pins
  • LinkedIn Shares
  • Reddit Score
  • Google Pluses
  • Stumble Upons

So, if you’re asking your self any of the following questions, give ‘Social Velocity‘ ago:

How many tweets have their been for this URL?

How many people have liked or shared this page on Facebook?

How many likes do i have?

How many Diggs have i accumulated over time?

I’ll be honest with out, its not the most amzing tool that i’ve created but with this is just phase one of the tool and I’m looking for ideas on what features would be nice to include. So, if you have any suggestions there’s a comment box down there with your name on it!

Likewise, if you have any f4edback on the design I’d like to hear that too. TBH I probably spent more time messing about with the Look and Feel of it than i did coning the main logic!