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CSS: Horizontal Centering Jumps in Firefox

This is one of those situation i think most developers find themselves running into somewhere down the line. You’ve created you CSS template using margin:0 auto and everything looks great in the different versions of IE, Firefox, Oprea, Safari etc but for some reason your centering starts to jump all over the place when you click between various pages in Firefox. What’s going on here then?…

The answer is quite simply, some browsers like Firefox don’t display vertical scroll bars unless required and as a result your template’s centering begins to jump around (16px to be exact) when you navigate between a page that has a height that requires scrollbars and one that doesn’t. Its obvious now, i hear you cry! Don’t worry, i did the same… Doh!

How to display .htaccess in CuteFTP

How to view htaccess in CuteFTP?
How to view .htaccess in CuteFTP?

This tutorial provides a step by step guide on how set-up CuteFTP to display your .htaccess file.

By default CuteFTP’s filtering system can hide the htaccess so it doesn\’t appear within the list of files on your server. I have know idea why this is exactly but I’m guessing CuteFTP is just trying to protect the configuration file from accidental mishaps.

You have two ways to enable the viewing of htaccess in CuteFTP:

Method One: Apply ‘On-The-Fly’ Server Side Filtering

  1. Right click in root folder:
  2. Select Filter
    CuteFTP Filter Option

CSS: Learning The Basics

CSS: Learning The Basics
CSS: Learning The Basics

This tutroial is a guide to CSS basics. What are Stylesheets? What are they used for? How do i use them?

What is CSS?

CSS stands for ‘Cascading Style Sheets’. The stylesheet language is used to define the presentation of an HTML document and its associated markup.

Why should I use an External Stylesheet?

why use external stylesheets?
why use external stylesheets?

In this tutorial I want to look at some of the reasons why you should use External Stylesheets and not inline or style tag based definitions.

The tutorial is intended for those learning the basics of CSS and looking for ideas on good practices.

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