How to display .htaccess in CuteFTP

How to view htaccess in CuteFTP?
How to view .htaccess in CuteFTP?

This tutorial provides a step by step guide on how set-up CuteFTP to display your .htaccess file.

By default CuteFTP’s filtering system can hide the htaccess so it doesn\’t appear within the list of files on your server. I have know idea why this is exactly but I’m guessing CuteFTP is just trying to protect the configuration file from accidental mishaps.

You have two ways to enable the viewing of htaccess in CuteFTP:

Method One: Apply ‘On-The-Fly’ Server Side Filtering

  1. Right click in root folder:
  2. Select Filter
    CuteFTP Filter Option
  3. Enable server side filtering:CuteFTP: enable server side filtering
  4. Type the following filter command:-L-a
  5. Apply, then .htaccess should appear:
    htacess showing in list of files in CuteFTP

Method Two: Setup Site Manager

  1. Right click the site in site manager:
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select Actions tab
  4. Click Filter button:
  5. Type the following filter command:-L-a
  6. Save, then .htaccess should appear from then on:

Things to Consider

As always, be careful when your messing around with stuff like this, the htaccess file is an important configuration file which if modified incorrectly or deleted can completely kill the site. If your not sure what your doing, leave it alone.

Please note, not all hosts allow for users to configure through their site’s through htaccess. If you upload your htaccess file and it doesn’t do anything this is more than likely the problem, contact your hosts for further advice.

Another thing, htaccess is an Apache configuration file and therefore will not work in IIS. You’ll need something like ISAPI rewrite for IIS.

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