Google Launches Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser

This evening Google released a BETA version of they’re open source browser ‘Chrome‘.

The browser has speed, security and a stable browsing experience as core features. I’ve only had a quick play but I must admit I like what I see so far and of course, most importantly, my site renders perfect in it! 🙂

The browser is based around Googles Webkit browser engine and powered by Google Gears. It also features there own JavaScript virtual machine ‘V8‘ to help handle todays more powerful web applications and make the development of them easier.

Like all modern browsers Chrome is based around tabbed browsing experience, however, Chrome runs its tabs under separate memory space which aims to make the browser more stable and less prone to crashing.

As an open source browser Chrome is clearly out there to compete with the likes of Firefox (Mozilla’s Browser) which currently has a 20% market share and is a big hit with the geeks and techsavies alike. With a brand like Google’s its going to be an interesting competition. My bet is, if Google can impress the geeks Firefox is in trouble.

My verdict so far:


  • The browser looks slick and makes the most of the screen.
  • Seems very fast
  • Straight forward to use
  • Search incorporated into the address bar
  • No problems with rendering sites so far
  • Good history features on homepage (when you can find it!)
  • Task Manager / the abiltiy to end processes
  • A developers section (basic at the moment but hopefully this will develop)


  • I’m not liking the flash you seem to get when navigating throguh  a website with a non-white background . Watch out epileptics!
  • Obviously no plugins at the moment so no contest with Firefox, yet….
  • Very bare bones browser options at the moment.
  • So far I haven’t been able to find a home button! (UPDATE –  found it under OPTIONS)

Google Comic for Chrome

Check out the comic they released to read a little more about Google’s take on Chrome.

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